Tummbl ice cream maker system (make ice cream in your dryer in 20 mins)

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Let's get ready to tummbl!

It’s simple—three bags, no motors. Ice cream is ready in around 20 minutes and is stored in the same bag it’s made in and no mess!

Get ready to tummbl! Its so easy. You can make icecream in the time it would take you to go to the store and buy some. 1.Put ice cream mixture into the included small silicone bag and seal. 2.Put small bag, ice and rock salt into large silicone bag and seal. 3.Put large silicone bag inside canvas bag and close the zipper. 4.Put canvas bag in dryer and run on Air Dry for 20 minutes and enjoy! Make ice cream in your dryer in 20 minutes. Make multiple flavors with additional bags. Uses significantly less ice and salt than typical ice cream makers. Be the hero at your next get together—your family and friends will be amazed! Tummbl some icecream today!