More flavors? Buy extra silicone tummbl bags so you can make & store more flavors!

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GET READY TO TUMMBL! Wish you can make more flavors of ice cream and store them in your freezer for later? Now you can, with Tummbl's additional flavors ice cream bags. Everyone can make and store multiple ice cream flavors. Our silicone leak tight tummbl bag not only store's flat and stands up when you need to pour in ingrediants but it makes it easier to scoop and remove ice cream with our wide mouth design. It's a no brainer get the bag you know is compatible with your tummbl ice cream maker so your biggiest worry is what flavor combination you will come up with next.

Pet Lovers! Want to enjoy some ice cream with your furry friends? Make pet ice cream in your Tummbl homemade ice cream maker and really get your best friends attention.